Sunflower I - Sandra Fink May - Augmented Art Experience

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Here are 3D mixed media paintings. Sunflower I is made of unframed & incorporate fiber, glass and silicon and are photoluminescent. Please let me know if these meet your criteria. Also forward to Alex, I do not have his email. thank you, Sandra

Join us LIVE at the Artery's First Friday event and enjoy your opportunity to collaborate on the beginnings of the local Augmented Art Experience in Fort Collins. This is our chance to share a once-in-a-millenia opportunity to pioneer the beginnings of the augmented art experience.

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Come down to the Artery and check out all the epicness! Tonight Colorado Click will be sharing some exclusive local visual art footage and announcing the beta launch of a new app for the local community called Colorado Click. Feauturing Alex Curry (Film) and Sirius Phun (Live Artist).

Colorado Click helps distribute new Music and Art to locals in the area using Social Networking, Augmented Reality Art and Locally Adaptive Marketing to organically share events to audiences in a nearby radius and make it easier to find fun local stuff!

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Photo-luminescent paint absorbs energy from incandescent lighting and releases a soft glow in total darkness. Each Photo luminescent painting has a second image that will appear in the dark! The artist created the second image in total darkness after charging the paint to create this second composition. So go ahead Turn off the lights and enjoy!

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