Augmented Art Reality @ First Friday Fundraiser (Artery in Old Town)

Colorado Click

Colorado Click is pioneering the way we experience art and music. 

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Colorado Click Family Photo

On Friday we were LIVE at the Artery's First Friday event  enjoying the opportunity to collaborate on the beginnings of the local Augmented Art Experience in Fort Collins. This is our chance to share a once-in-a-millenia opportunity to pioneer the beginnings of the augmented art experience.

Live Colorado Art

Come down to the Artery and check out all the epicness! Friday night Colorado Click put up some exclusive local visual art footage and announced the beta launch of a new app(on Android) for the local community called Colorado Click. Feauturing Alex Curry (Augmented Art Film) and SF May (Augmented Art).

Music Founder of Colorado Click Abraham LaBonte

Are you ready for the best year ever?

We're working to make our collective dreams come true. Colorado Click can help share the magic of the grassroots fun we all love to enjoy! Colorado Click Aari

 As we share all the goodness we help distribute new Music and Art to locals in the area. We're enhancing our everyday experience within the community.

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There is always room to join the community as we aid each other in collective conscious growth for all our creative visioning.

Don't Miss The Art Auction test! (It's an example of what's to come)

Augmented Art Beta Fort Collins Colorado

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Photography in Fort Collins Colorado by CurryPhotagraphy by Alex Curry
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