About Kaboomski

About Kaboomski

Hi there! After aeons — at last we meet! My friends and I are a traveling team of adventurists who are always on the lookout for cool ideas, fun stuff, and epic memorabilia. We’ve securely put together Kaboomski.Co after realizing the great demand for others to share our magical conquest for awesome products and magnificent customer service.

All sales come with a money back guarantee, and we provide insured shipping, at no additional cost, on each and every order.

What about Kaboomski?

The items on Kaboomski really are quite unique. We offer these products for sale, throughout the world, because we know how awesome they are, and want to spread the love.Thanks to customers like you, we can offer everything online, so you can now find kaboomski on your cell phone, or anywhere else with internet!

“Kaboomski” has been around as a common phrase for years. You can even find the word in the urban dictionary! Now, since early 2016, thanks to Shopify, our store is online, for the whole world to see!

The Kaboomski team is dedicated to customer satisfaction.
You may contact us anytime here, or find us on twitter, facebook, google+, Instagram & Pinterest.

-Warm Regards,

Team Kaboomski.biz

Tell Us About The Kaboomski Products

From technology and gadgets to apparel and jewelry Kaboomski offers a unique selection of awesome, high quality, amazing stuff unlike the world has ever seen! Our family prides the warm enthusiastic spirit we share as we discover incredible new products to offer all of our customers, and we all live happily ever after.